Christian Media Service

Agentur David has many years of experience in working for non profit organizations, specially Christian ministries or churches. This area deserves special know how for all communication activities. This way some of the big international TV ministries have received well balanced and targeted services.  The results are continuous growth, efficient management of limited resources with no legal trouble.

Agentur David offers:

  • Analysis of goals and chances in the German market
  • Strategy to develop the aims of the ministry in the specific cultural and legal settings of Germany
  • Search and offer TV slots
  • Implement TV, internet, social media, print and mailings as needed
  • Translation with specialized translators, who really understand the content
  • Voice over for TV programms
  • Mastering of German TV versions and upload to TV stations
  • Adaptation of web sites
  • Fundraising activities
  • Call center services
  • Handling of funds and database
  • Full reporting